This spring and summer has seen some cool changes for me. I went back to school with a serious intent twenty-some-odd years after receiving my BA. It is a Continuing Ed course at my local university and should end with me receiving certification to Teach English as a Foreign Language. ESL as it is commonly known. It’s incredibly interesting and exciting. I have it in my head that we will live in Paris or Sicily and I will be just like Romy Schneider in “What’s New Pussy Cat?” teaching English in Paris and being all stylish!

Well, not JUST like that. Her methods are a bit outdated and, unlike the clothes, they will hopefully not make a comeback.

Less earth shattering, but still interesting is a little book I read back in March or April or sometime called “Lessons from Madame Chic” by Jennifer Scott. I checked it out of my local library and I still owe a few bucks in overdue fines on it. (Honestly, my overdue fines keep that place afloat.) That book inspired me to spend a ton of money on some nice makeup, purge my closet of cami’s and t-shirts with little tiny holes in them, and to stand up straight. So I think it was worth the read.
And of course, there have been some health changes around here. And by around here, I mean in my own body. I don’t push this stuff on my sweetie pie, the Oaf. But I began to explore an anti-inflammatory diet–juicing, smoothie-ing, and bringing in a LOT more salads and veggies into my every day diet. It seems to be working. A lot of my aches and pains have diminished to almost nothing–not least a certain creaky knee. I mean, the knee is still there thankfully, but it seems to have a better attitude about stairs and long walks than before.
If you find that idea interesting, a couple of good books are Eat to Live and Crazy Sexy Kitchen.
Well, Friends, that’s all for now. I wanted to touch on clothing and wardrobe, but in light of teaching and diet it seems so, well, shallow somehow. Next time.