I have decided that as I try and mange my wardrobe (see previous post’s book recommendations) I am going to apply this simple rubric (that’s a schmancy bit of jargon of the edumacation trade); Would I wear it in Paris? I did not make this up, I found it in my wanderings of the web and style blogs. But I don’t remember where exactly.

Simple though this little test is, it has already proved problematic.  I don’t really know what to do with this.

The fabric is so beautiful. It’s this fine cotton voile with an interesting Art Deco print, and the lining is a soft, drapey ecru batiste. I just love the fabric, but…what was I thinking to make a shirt dress?  I was thinking that I was about 20 pounds thinner, I guess. As it is, I’m neither curvy enough nor thin enough for it, and it is both overly sweet and frumpy on me.

It is a McCall’s pattern 4769 and I added a neat waist detail kind of on the fly because I think I am too good to read pattern directions these days. (I mean, I learned to sew when I was 9 and now I am 46 so that means—yikes! Never mind.)

It’s sort of like a sans-a-belt that pants in the ’70’s had, except less ’70’s-ish. I dunno, maybe I will try it on again before I deem it a wadder.

Now, I live in a Very Cold Place which has reached about 80 degrees today. But in 6 short months, it could be well below zero, which means that my simple rubric gains an added layer of troublesomeness. I will have to ask myself, Would I wear this in Paris or outside in the snow? But that’s 6 months from now, also known as Never.

Till next time, mes amis: