I think I have mentioned FABLE before?  It’s related to SABLE and BABLE, and here at chez moi, we have all of it.

FABLE is Fabric Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy. SABLE is Stash, or yarn, and BABLE is Books. I’m sure there are other acronyms that work and judging from the state of the mess here, I have probably reached it.

Can we talk about my FABLE for a minute? I like the high-end stuff apparently, no polyester, no acrylic, s’il vous plait. Worse, I like the high-end stuff to be, well, inexpensive. Luckily, I discovered Fabric Mart which has some good sales sometimes. I get stuff from Mood Fabrics now and again as well.

It’s cashmere. It’s not 100% cashmere, but it’s something like  30%, and the rest is wool. It’s navy, 50-some odd inches wide, and I have 3 yards of it. I considered making my Cape Coat from it but decided I wanted something simpler and more classic. I could go with an outer wear coat or a jacket. We’ll see. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed.

Here is a close up picture for texture.

It’s so hard to get a decent photograph of fabric! At least it’s not red, I guess. Even Fabric Mart didn’t have a great image–I just went on faith. I mean, cashmere!

The next thing I want to show you is this rose tulle stuff. I got at either Fabric Mart or Mood–FM I think. On sale of course, last year. It was all the rage for a while, but I really don’t know what to do with it. I have used it as background for photos, but that is about it. If it were a brighter color, like purple, I might make something for one of my younger nieces, but it’s black.

Again, 50-ish inches wide, 2 or so yards. I really like it, but have no ideas about what to do with it.

Lest you think I only buy fabric in black or navy, or to make clothing for myself, here are a couple of pieces I got to do home dec stuff with.  Prints!

This is a cotton I purchased at a fabric store in Portsmouth, NH about a month ago to cover a feather duvet thing we have.

Okay, so it’s not exactly a color, but it’s not solid black either.

After the cape coat, this may be my next thing. The nights are already getting cool and that feather thing is very warm.

The last thing I have to show for today is this piece of linen I got at the same fabric store. I am going to make a couple of pillows for the library (remember our BABLE?) The writing is Italian and it looks like some kind of ledger or inventory, not literature. But it’s really cool and the fabric has a nice hand.

Friends, that’s all I will subject you to today. In parting, I just want to say, I do actually have colors in my life!