Let’s start with the Cape Coat.  The bad news is, it’s not entirely finished yet. The good news is that it is nonetheless wearable and has made its maiden voyage. The bad news is I don’t have any pictures of it.

And while I hate to end a paragraph on a sour note, let’s move on. In July I posted about a few current projects; a blue knit top and a black maxi skirt. I love them both.

I wore that skirt all summer long. It is so comfortable. I have some cute red flats–which are in this picture–as well as some hot black sandals that go really well with it. And bonus, the red shoes have a blue sole the same color as the top.

The skirt was very simple. It has an elastic waist, although it isn’t too gathered and frumpy looking. The most complex thing about the skirt is that I added pockets to the side seams. Side seam pockets are very important for keys, and a little stash of ginger chews or something.

Now this blue knit shirt–I just don’t know. The fabric is very thin and there are darts at the back which I hand sewed, as well as the bottom hem. Since then a new zig zag machine has joined the household so I could go back and resew some of it.

Also, the pattern is odd. It is a Burda pattern from the magazine, and I made a mock up, but the back kind of rides up in an annoying way. It’s cold here in lovely downtown Vermont so I wear a white camisole underneath which helps.

The cowl worked out in a strange way but it works; it creates an interesting fold right over my, you know, boobs and creates a safe-for-work decolletage.

Another big project I have been working on is this Craftsy Class.  Fast Track Fitting. It’s pretty good. It comes with the fitting pattern included and a measuring chart. The fit model in the videos looks kind of stoned, but I’m sure she’s just sweet.

The picture above of the altered pattern means I have big boobs. That’s fine with me–it’s much easier than it used to be to find fancy bras in an F cup. The picture below, as well as some I am NOT posting in an open blog, show that the side seams are too long.

This is all very technical but I love the technical side of sewing as much as I do the creative side.

So, until next time, my friends, I will blabber on about another cool project I have started. In the meantime there are some hints on my Pinterest board. And maybe I will even rant on about Pinterest at some point.