This looked familiar to me.

Rose Sleeve Vintage Pattern
Rose Sleeve Pattern

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Alexander McQueen Rose Sleeves
Alexander McQueen 2008

I mean, if he isn’t original, who is?

Exactly. Nobody and nothing. If McQueen and the Vogue designer for the pattern above were knitting pattern designers on Ravelry, they’d be enmeshed in a blood feud right now. They’d end up being rubbernecked.

I am not pissed at McQueen who shares a certain distinction with Van Gogh–I cried when I saw their exhibitions–but because I so often see this tight-assed attitude among so many indie designers lately about their designs and what the maker can and cannot do with their finished objects.

Earlier this weekend I was cruising through a list of indie sewing pattern makers and came upon one whose designs were registered in France (it was a French person.) The patterns weren’t all that different than what I see flipping though the big pattern books in Joann’s for chissakes, and her terms of use made it sound like the gendarmes would be at your door if you dared to wear something of hers out in public!

Since I am in the US where I can sell what I churn out from my sewing machine or knitting needles no matter what anyone says or wishes, I did not push it. Although, if one asked for proof that such designs were registered, would it be provided I wonder?

Back in my dayyy, design was defined by much more than the lines, which is pretty much what you get when you buy a sewing pattern. Then it is up to you to decide on color, texture (as in the fabric), trim, etc., etc., etc. By the end of all that, who is the designer here?

Okay, so I am Ranty McRantpants this weekend and I’ll stop before this turns into a teal deer, but I definitely have more to say on this, and related subjects.