Oh, I’m just being cute with the title here because a person like myself often finds herself doing the vice versa; sewing up her knitting.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a bit of sewing with knits lately. The weather turned from brutal winter to gorgeous spring pretty much on a dime. I was in the middle of sewing a mock-up for a cashmere jacket with a silk lining when all of a sudden, I needed a sleeveless shirt.

Simplicity 2580 to the rescue (again.)

Simplicity 2580
I love tech drawings

I had a beautiful blue knit in my stash. Soft, drapey, and so blue. I was a little surprised to look at the label and see that it was a merino wool, but since the hand is more summery than wooly, I went with it.

Merino-Cowl-3I used the bodice piece and cut the skirt piece off at the hip and voila, a maxi dress becomes a top. Can I hack up a pattern or what?

Blue Merino Cowl TopThe cowl is kinda deep. I don’t mind and the Oaf really doesn’t mind, but I probably shouldn’t wear it to work (although I have.)

Top, Skirt, new shoes
New Shoes!

A blurry but kicky picture showing off the shoes I just bought. They are these suede espadrilles. Very comfortable despite the bit of a heel. I really like them.

Suede shoesIt could be said that I am a bit of shoe hound. My friends would all scoff at such an idea.

bit? bit! I can hear the screeches of laughter now. A bit? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? We should just call you Imelda right now!

The surprising thing about this picture–well there are a few weird things here–is that neither pair is red. If I had found those styles in red lemme tell you, they’d be red. The other weird thing is that one of them is taupe. I like to call the color “mushroom.”

Well, friends, that’s all for today. I do have another knit on the sewing table but it’s a McCall’s pattern this time.