love my Grannies.

Betty High Waist Panties

This is my first foray into making underpants. This year has been a year of doing things with underwears that I never thought I’d do. The first is that I paid something like $80 for a pair back in February or so. One pair! And they are not very big at all. When you pay that much for one little pair of underpants, wear them at every opportunity and don’t put them in the dryer. That’s some free advice.

And the second thing is that I made a pair of underpants.

I used the Betty High Waist pattern from Ohhlulu on Etsy. (I can never remember how many h’s are in ‘oh’) and got the fabric and elastic from Sew Sassy.


Although I adore the panties and am pleased with the way they came out–they are really comfortable until I get on a bike–I am lukewarm about the pattern itself.

Maybe I am spoiled by the big 4 (or 5 counting Burda) with their $4 patterns, and shorten or lengthen lines, but I sure do love me a shorten or lengthen line.  (I am 5′ 3″ so I shorten everything.)

Also, notches. The Betty High Waist Grannies have some unusually curved seam lines and that’s where the beauty of well-placed notch really shines through.

So I did a few mods on the pattern before I got my beloved Grannies in the drawer. I placed a shorten line just above the hip curve and shortened the length by about 3/4″ or so. I also changed the curve of the seamlines at the waist a la Gertie which is where I heard about these in the first place.

Black High Waisted Underwear

The pattern still needs a couple of other things before I make them again. I’ll need to trim the top of the back down maybe 1/2″  or 3/4″ and I think I’ll scoop out the sides of the crotch a little bit.

Le sigh. Am I just a cranky old curmudgeon about these things? Have I turned into one of those old people who can’t get used to how much prices have risen? The pattern is $9, and since it’s a pdf, the paper and ink add a little to the cost. And while it’s pretty well drafted, the lack of notches and adjustment lines add to the cost in my mind as well.

I did purchase the pattern about a year ago, and just recently I purchased her Greta high waist garter belt which does have notches but no shorten line. So if you do buy the pattern (and they are fun to make so why not) your mileage may vary.