Okay, it’s not really a big reveal or even a reveal at all. And it’s not a maxi dress either because it’s above my ankles. Still, it’s finished and it made its maiden voyage to brunch this morning. (Which wasn’t really brunch, for that matter but a late pancake breakfast.)

Striped Maxi Dress

I found a light red suede belt at Second Time Around which is a second hand store I like pretty well. It’s big enough and varied enough that I can usually find something I like in my size.

Striped Maxi dress
I don’t actually live in the jungle.

I did a lot to modify this thing. Before I even cut it out, I shortened the torso an inch–partly at the midsection and partly at the sleeve cap.

I shortened the skirt a good 5 inches, maybe more. Then lopped off a few more inches and pegged the hem about an inch on each side.

The back neck gaped badly and I took that in a solid 2 inches plus. The front neck could have used some narrowing too, but it’s sitting comfortably enough.

What else? The hips could have come in a bit, but maybe next time.

But let me tell you about the buttons!

Mother of pearl buttons

I found seven tiny flat mother-of-pearl buttons in my button box. The back of the buttons have a neat pebbly texture and a cream and rusty coloring–far more interesting than the polished side so I just sewed them on upside down.

Top mother of pearl button

The top button is rogue with the shiny side up.

Here’s a detail of the zig zag topstitching I did at the hems. It was neater before the thing went in the wash this morning.

Zig zag topstitching

I’m pretty happy with it, wonky pocket stitching not withstanding. It’s really comfortable and I think it’s going to be a great traveling dress for hours in the car.