Can I just gush a little bit about Miss Phryne Fisher? Because I am smit. She is the heroine of the Australian tv show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and she has managed to keep me motivated on the treadmill for a full hour at a time. She solves murder mysteries in 1920’s Melbourne with Style. Red plaid suit on Miss Fisher I love that red plaid suit and I’ve seen it in a couple of different episodes. Anyway, Miss Phryne Fisher solves mysteries while impeccably dressed, shod, gloved and hatted. Sometimes in a practical suit like the one above, but more often in something more glamorous. Like this. Miss Fisher's evening gown I love this dress. And I love that I can see the costume designer’s hand. In the same episode, Miss Fisher wears another evening dress cut from the same pattern. A glamorous evening gown The hats are absolutely amazing, but my favorite is this simple beret–also used in more than one episode. My favorite hat I think I could make that. Then there is the white with the red coat and the fur and the…I think I’ll just insert a bunch of pictures. But before I quit typing, I should say that at one time I was obsessed with the Roaring Twenties. A huge portion of my youth–really, the entirety of it–was consumed by that decade. Not so much nowadays, but it holds a special place in my psyche.

The white with the red coat
I love the top too!

Miss Fisher 1920's Lavendar coat Miss Fisher at the train station in a fabulous coat