I thought I’d try and get one last post in this year. I did finish something that I love, but I haven’t taken any pictures yet. So here are some random things out of my so-called brain.

Pinterest. I was pinning stuff before it was cool–when you had to wait for an invitation. It’s a great time sink, and I may be unique because I actually go back and look at the things I’ve pinned.

Vogue Couturiere 1252

I found this on Etsy–already sold of course. Another pattern I’m hoping to find a yardsale next summer in my size for 75 cents or something.

Alexander McQueen jacket

This is the jacket I just finished! I didn’t realize I was so fashionable. It’s a McCall’s pattern but I guess the good folks at Alexander McQueen came up with it first–but who knows really. I had forgotten I pinned this when I was trolling for asymetrical (I can’t spell it) jackets a couple of years ago. The only difference is the princess line bit.

The next thing I’m making is a high waisted denim skirt. I have the denim and The Monthly Stitch is doing denim in January, so what could be more natural. This is my inspiration pin.

High waisted denim skirt
The Cape-a-Long is long over, but I still love capes. My climate is cold. Northern New England, and I love it. But cape season is short most years and easy to miss, so I don’t get to wear mine but a couple times a year. Still, I may make another one in 2015.
Vintage cape pattern
Alors, mes cheres amis, that’s all for now. I am going to try and take some glamor shots of my new coat this weekend. I wonder if I can get some red leather gloves at Macy’s? I’m sure I need them for it. And we can talk about it then. I need a snappy name for my jacket though–the cloth has some cashmere in it. Thoughts?