And I love it.  The Oaf and I took a wee excursion to Woodstock, Vermont last weekend and I wore my new jacket the whole time. It’s not really warm enough for the Dead of Winter, but I was warm and comfortable the whole weekend. I did bring my peacoat (we don’t pack light, the Oaf and I) just in case, but I didn’t wear it, just the Cashmere Jacket (McCalls 5759). Somehow though, when I lost one of my mittens it ended up in the pocket of the peacoat. I never know what’s going on with this stuff.

Cashmere Jacket

For the buttons I covered some plastic buttons from my button box. I think they look great, but they don’t have any real shank so the durability is iffy. I may have to find a better button solution soon.

And of course, the amazing silk lining.  Silk Lining for Cashmere Jacket

One more glamour shot then some nitty gritty.

On a bridge in Vermont

So I actually started this almost a year ago. I cut out the mock up using an old blanket, but then Spring showed up and I put it away until this past October. I had an odd fitting adjustment to make; I had to dart out a bit at the bust line but under the arm.

Blanket mock up

I always have to shorten everything–the back waist and sleeves–but this was to correct some bunching up and down the side.

After I worked out all the pattern changes, I cut it out in a pink flannel upon which I put all the markings and then used as a second mock up. The flannel then became  the flat lining for all the pieces including the collar pieces.

This added some body to it, as well as some warmth.

Flannel Flat lining

Pockets. My normal winter coat is a navy peacoat. It’s got great pockets (and I would totally wear that thing in Paris), but this pattern didn’t have pocket one despite pocket flaps one and two. So I stuck an inside welt pocket in the lining. I used my Singer Tailoring book to get me through it.

Inside pocket Cashjkt11

I haven’t used it and I may not despite all the trouble I went to for it. It’s a very thin lining and I don’t want to rip the cloth.

I never did find some red leather gloves, but I still definitely need some! Macy’s had some nice ones with a furry lining, but they were more than I wanted to pay. Maybe in a week or two they will be on sale.

That’s all for now, dear friends. Up next: a high waisted denim skirt (maybe.)