So I finished a thing. I’m really happy about it, but not really really.

A while ago I got it into my head that I needed a high waisted denim skirt. This is why:

long denim skirt

Nice, huh? Plus I had a piece of similar denim languishing away in my stash and high waisted is something I haven’t done since 8th grade about.

I drafted the pattern myself and in the process developed a properly fitting skirt sloper.

Denim skirt muslin DSC_0888I was very clever when I made the mockup because I cut the mock-up waistband from some of the denim since muslin acts very differently than denim. And I was optimistic because when I tried on the mock-up I got whistled at! You know you are on the right track when the mock-up is sexy.


The hem is nice and even and it hit at a length I like.

Denim skirt photo bombed

photo bombed!



I drafted and sewed a back vent which is something I’ve been avoiding doing for almost 40 years.

What’s not to be happy about? At the bottom I pegged the hem at the knee then flared it out for about an inch below the knee, and I still like my idea although it didn’t come out quite right.

I blame the denim, because in the muslin it worked great!

But if you look closely at the first picture you can see how it sort of balloons at the bottom of the skirt and is over-emphasized. Plus the waistband gapes at the top so I’ll have to undo it and take it in.

Le sigh. It’s fixable and without too much heartache, but it’s topstitched and everything so it will be a PIA.

Thanks to my friend Samantha and her little sidekick for taking pictures!