We spent a week in New York City at the beginning of April so I took in the exhibits at the FIT Museum. Let’s talk about the “Denim Fashion’s Frontier” one first.



This corset thing was so cool and it may have set off a corset obsession with me–my craft area is now full of metal boning and curved pattern pieces. I like the way it looks a lot like a jean jacket. In fact, that could be an interesting re-purposing of one someday if my husband ever stops wearing his.


Isn’t this embroidered suit gorgeous? I love the jacket especially, which in my view is wearable even in the streets of Vermont.


I loved the three-piece denim suit. It’s hard to see that it is denim in the photo, but it really did look more denim-y in person. I sometimes wonder just how comfortable and breathable men’s suit pants are and this seems like a good way to go about it.

The labels are hard to read, but the suit is a Ralph Lauren concoction from Spring 2015, and the jeans and jean jacket are Rag & Bone also from 2015.


Finally, my favorite from the exhibit, this denim gown is put out by an outfit called EDUN–just like it says on the label.

EDUN is still around. They produce beautiful and expensive, but ethical clothing. In fact, all the designers mentioned here are still around, producing beautiful and expensive clothing. As I left the exhibit, I had to wonder–where does the exhibit end and advertising for these companies begin?

I ponder.

Next time: Fairy Tale Fashion!